Sunday, January 11, 2015

Thoughts on this weekend's NFL playoff games

Yesterday's game, and this weekend in general, have prompted me to revive this blog. I'll probably post again in 5 years. Many of the thoughts below are also inspired by Bill Simmons' articles on

All day yesterday I was grumpy, like Bill Belicheck in the photo above. I hate when my favorite team (the Patriots) plays the Ravens. I hate the Ravens in general, but particularly lately since they've been so darn good at beating the Pats, even in Foxborough.

So, given the up-and-down nature of the game, I was grumpy during most of the game, too. But the Pats pulled out an "epic comeback", and I was much happier when the whistle blew. I'm looking forward to next week, and hopefully a date in February.

Some thoughts on that game:
  • Amazing play with Edelman tossing to Amendola...brought back memories of the inventive Pats offense from a decade ago.
  • I wish Brady would run for a TD every game...he gets fired up and everyone feeds off that.
  • I can't believe Belicheck didn't even run the ball once or twice in those last two minutes. I've never understood the whole, "only two minutes left, we have four downs, we can take four knees" game plan, and with one TO left, Harbaugh proved to them why it's not always a given, especially in the playoffs. A head coach HAS to know that the other team still has a way to stop the clock, and at least attempt to retain possession of the ball. I'm glad it ended well; if the birds had scored on that Hail Mary, it would have been the biggest stomach punch game of all time.
Some thoughts on remaining games:
  • I don't think Romo has a chance in Lambaugh unless DeMarco Murray runs for 200 yards.
  • Sure, as one of Simmons' readers pointed out, Rodgers only has one playoff win (against Joe Webb) outside of his Super-Bowl winning year. But let's be honest; you can pin a lot of those losses on McCarthy. With a coach who knew how to manage the clock, Rodgers would probably have won two Super Bowls right now.
  • I think Indianapolis loses today, for the final Brady-Manning showdown (I think Manning retires after this year). And Peyton will throw at least two picks in Foxborough.
  • I am totally scared of Seattle. But, like the Packers, what is scary about them is how good they are even with a tool as a coach (H/T to my bro). But I think this season will reflect Green Bay's '98 season: a consecutive trip to the Super Bowl, but this time with a loss. Then Russel will spend the rest of his career trying to get back to the big game.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Money Motivator

This may be a lame post compared to the video above, but I needed an excuse to embed it in my blog. Any time a cool video explains research that challenges our commonly held assumptions comes out, it deserves a place in the Assumption Blanket. Plus, I think our motivations for clipping coupons fits well with the research. We do a basic task, we get rewarded for it, so we do more.

As for our rewards, I play catch-up with this post a bit. In April, we averaged 24.10% over 6 grocery trips for a total savings of $124.49. In May, we made 7 trips, averaging 30.47% savings from coupons, for a grand total of $224.63. That brings my running total to $853.10 for the first 5 months of the year. Talk about surprises - that's "The Truth!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Marching down the savings

I don't know what's more fun: Entering crazy numbers into an Excel spreadsheet or finding weird pictures to use in my Grocery Coupon Challenge. But one thing I DO know is my wife the Grocery Coupon Queen is dropping the bills like Aaron Burr dropped Alexander Hamilton. And yet, she's saving a bunch of Hamiltons at the same time! Oh, the irony. Our March savings with coupons: 30.39% of our total grocery bill, or a whopping $258.83. That brings us to a savings of $503.98 after three months. If I keep on my bookkeeping roll, I should be able to report April too, which saw us busy with the tax man and a garage sale. Good times!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

37.56% in February 2010! Holy...

OK, so I know I'm behind a month in posting our results of our "Grocery Coupon Challenge" (which is what I'm calling it this week). But we lost a receipt so I got all flustered. But whatever, in February we saved an average of 37.56% and a total of $92.16, and that's with one Rainbow receipt missing. That brings our running total to $245.15. And that's no April Fool's Day Joke!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tallying up the Coup's

Coke: The first awesome coupon

OK, so I think I finally found a purpose for posting regularly on my otherwise completely useless blog: tallying up the awesome savings my illustrious spouse achieves by clipping and using coupons. She's been kicking so much grocery-chain rear lately, we decided to track it and total it up, just to satisfy our own curiosity.

Then I thought, "Why not broadcast it to the world?" (Or in this case, to my 3.6 readers.) It seems like folks at FiLife are always asking how much someone can really save by clipping coupons. Well, I figured I could provide an example for one family for one year. You'll have to take us for our word, but I don't have much incentive to overblow it. Here's the ground rules:

  • My wife keeps her regular coupon-clipping routine: about an hour a week, mostly out of the Sunday paper circulars or what junk mailers send us. We don't have luck with printers, so we don't hunt for them online (sorry).

  • We only count our three regular grocery destinations: Target, Cub Foods, and Rainbow Foods. No Dollar Store, Savers, or other places where beef jerky is prominently displayed.

  • We trust whatever the store tells us on the receipt that we "saved" in dollars at the bottom of the receipt. This will count in-store specials and stuff, which might over-estimate our total, but I figure that's balanced out by skipping the smaller stores where we sometimes shop.

I'll post the results for each month here, although there will be a slight delay. The results for January, 2010: an average savings of 29% of the bill for a total of $152.99. Seriously.

Do I have an incredible wife, or what? The only downside to this that I can see is she'll want half the money back in spa treatments, and I'll have already spent it on Summit Horizon Red.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Land of 10,000 Heart Attacks

A Vikings fan takes the loss too hard.

Well, the NFC championship was quite a game last night, and Vikings fans across the land are still recovering. You could say "at least it was more exciting than 41-0", but I'm not so sure that's a good thing, given our aging population. I think it's safe to assume that emergency rooms were filled last night with gray-haired Vikings fans either a) having a heart attack or b) filled with anxiety wondering, "Will they ever win one in my lifetime?!?!?!?" Another 40 years and they'll know what Red Sox fans felt like in 2003. Maybe it'll even produce the same result...naaaaaaah.

Another year, another heartbreak for Vikings fans. 0-for-4 in Super Bowls, 0-for-5 in Championship games since. They keep this up and they'll have to change their name to the OhFers. I blame Prince.

Well, at least now I won't have to spend the next two weeks as a nervous wreck, wondering how the local team will possibly stop Seyton Manning. As far as silver linings go, that has to be in the running for top ten worst.

Good luck, New Orleans. If you lose, welcome to the club.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm gonna go with TMQ on this one

Maybe I'm just drinkin' the Kool-Aid, but I say Belichick made the right call, and TMQ agrees. Manning was averaging like 45 seconds per touchdown. If Faulk doesn't bobble the ball, Pats win.